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Policy for Privacy and Cookies

This Web site is operated by, and on behalf of Arkosoft, Rruga Aleksander Mojsiu, 1001 Tirana. We manage, or rely on third parties the management of various Web sites, some of which will offer the opportunity to register and provide us with your personal information. The recording can be needed to have access to certain features or promotions. The Policy for Privacy and Cookies explains how this information is used and how to contact us in case of doubts or questions.

1. What kind of information do we collect?

Our site may include optional surveys, aimed to know your opinion about products and services. If you download content from our sites, we will automatically check the features of your hardware. If you use community tools, we can record content and communications Send or receive, and we reserve the right to monitor your communications. we can also monitor your activity and personal preferences when visiting our sites (see section "Cookies" below).

Before providing any personal information to third parties (for example, for sending promotions to friends), please always ask the consensus of those involved. Please check that the personal information provided is accurate and up to date, and inform us of any changes.

2. How we use the information we collect?

The information collected can be used in several ways: to manage our sites and to provide the information and services you ask for, including downloads, chat rooms, bulletin boards, promotions and competitions; to deal with your customer service requests; for internal analysis and research, to improve the quality of our sites and other products and services; to send you newsletters and marketing information about products and services offered by Arkosoft from selected outside companies, but only as permitted by law or requested by you (See "How to unsubscribe" below); this could include the use of personal information to identify products, services and promotions that we believe They may interest you; to advertise and promote new products and services through our Web Sites and Services and through third-party advertising services; this could include the use personal information to identify products, services and promotions that we believe may interest; to send administrative emails (for example, if you forget your password); to prevent and detect fraud and abuse of our sites or services. The collected information may be linked or merged from different sources through a system unique identification, or we may decide to join two or more databases into a single database customer information. This may be done for your benefit and / or our (For example to enable us to offer assistance so quicken every time contacting us or offer content, proposals, promotions, advertising and the best personalized services).

3. Promotions, advertising and personalized content

The collected personal information could be used to customize shops, services, content, promotions and online advertising. You may notice that when you use personalization our products or services, when you receive our advertising messages, or when you visit the sites Our web or third parties over which appear our content, promotions or advertising (for example in relation to a product that you recently displayed on one of our web sites or services).

Some custom items displayed on our Web sites, online services and advertising use cookies set by us or by our business partners. See point 5 below for more information. Some of our Web sites and services may provide for special settings to control personalized content; you can consult the relevant guides or lines of conduct for more information.

4. Who else has access to your information?

Other group companies, local distributors and other organizations who work for us They may have access to your information, to manage on our behalf and to provide the information and the services requested by you. Some of these companies may process your information in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), such as the US and Japan. The laws on data protection in these countries may not offer the same level of protection offered by the EEA. If you do not want your information being transferred in this so, do not access or use our websites.

In exceptional circumstances, we may disclose your personal information if required by law or to protect or defend ourselves or others against illegal and harmful activities. In the event that our business is sold or restructured, your information They may be transferred as part of the activity.

5. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are transferred from a website to your computer so to record your online activity. Cookies are used in practice to facilitate the Web site navigation and performing various functions by the users. Cookies improve usability and site processes, therefore, when they are turned off, the Web site may not work as expected, and you may not be able to access certain features.

What cookies do we use?

Cookies "session ID"

These cookies store a random identifier, which allows you to connect your actions to properly display the Web site and deliver the services required. These cookies are enabled only when you browse on our website, and are not stored on your device when closed the browser session.

"Navigation Cookie"

These cookies store anonymous user preferences, such as your language, country and age, and they are used to improve the browsing experience and display the appropriate content. Some of these cookies are only for the duration of the session, while others (such as site preferences language) are saved on your device so that the same preferences are displayed each time you visit our sites.

Cookies "analytical"

These cookies store anonymous data on the use of our Web site and advertising from users. We use this information only to measure the performance of our Web site and advertising and to understand how to improve them ads. These cookies are configured when you visit this Web site or other sites with our ads. Cookies may be managed by Third parties who provide us with "analytical" services and will remain on your device after closing session.

Cookie "social plugins"

If you signed up for a social networking site such as Facebook, this site could have set a cookie on your device to recognize you each time you view content on our site. These cookies allow you to share content on various platforms social media through the use of specific sharing settings.

Advertising cookies

These cookies are used to display advertising content based on the Internet, exploiting the information contained in cookies, a process called "retargeting advertising". The purpose is to promote the most interesting products considered for the user based on the content viewed, searched for or selected earlier in the interaction with our sites, services or commercials.

These cookies allow our advertising partners to define the advertising we propose when visit other selected websites and control the number of times an ad can be presented on the same Internet browser.

To disable forever such ads, visit the page.

6. Security

We take commercially reasonable steps to protect your personal information. these include the implementation of processes and procedures to minimize unauthorized access to your information. However we do not guarantee the total elimination of the risks of misuse of your information Personal by intruders. Please keep any information to your account password in a safe place and not disclose it to others. You must contact us immediately if you become aware unauthorized use of your password or other security breach.

Access to message boards, chat rooms and other sections of the community on our sites is public. in these sections you must not reveal identifying information about yourself or others. We are not responsible the protection or security of information you post in these sections.

7. Monitoring and access

The company does not guarantee the monitoring of all its Web sites and its online services, nor He agrees to do so. Nevertheless, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to monitor and record the user's online activities and communications on our websites. We may also the right to monitor and record online services and to remove and / or delete any content from our Web site and our online services, in our sole discretion and without notice. You expressly accept this condition. The information gathered in this way may include:

  • The content of the user's post in the forums or other communications, as well as the online ID and details Account registered user;
  • Log information to the server, including your IP address, browser information (Including HTTP user agent strings), information relating to the HTTP client requests over the time and location of the user's activities.

This information can be completed with similar data from other companies in the Arkosoft group and third parties. Such information can be used by us or other companies in the group Arkosoft to enforce our conditions service, to ensure compliance with the law and to protect our rights and those of our licensees, users and others and ensure the safety of our employees, users and others. This information can be transmitted to the police or other relevant authorities. Using our Web sites and our online services, you agree specifically this condition.

8. Children

We understand the concerns of parents regarding the use of personal data their children. We require all users under the age of 13 years (and in some cases even larger) the consent of a parent or guardian about the use of personal data.

9. How to unsubscribe

If you do not wish to receive commercial messages, please follow this link in any promotional e-mails. Alternatively, if you are not registered to any Web site, please send us an e-mail to with the following subject: "Unsubscribe".

10. Contact

You are legally entitled to know what are your personal information we have, and how this information is used. To find out what your information personal in our possession, please contact us by e-mail at or by mail by writing to: Arkosoft, Rruga Aleksander Mojsiu, 1001 Tirana, indicating the address of the Web page to which you are registered. We may demand proof of identity, as well as the payment of a small sum of money to cover the administrative costs. For further information, please contact: 039 0831 1815236

For further information, please contact us: 0831 18 15 236

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