With Roulette Analytics you increase your winnings at the green table.

You just consult the numbers of outputs statistics.

Games monitoring

Roulette Analytics allows you to increase your chances of winning, thanks to a system that will allow you to always have everything under control and facilitate you the interception of the next issues.

This way you will be able to schematize the game, eliminating the emotional chances and focusing on a technically studied system that gives you the greatest chances of victory.

This app is designed for Android, and it is one that can change your life.


You will have a series of detailed statistics, to know all the numbers drawn,

how many of these are equal or odd, red or blacks, to what speed he shot the roulette (spin),

of which a dozen are part of the exit numbers and much more.

Recommended numbers

The cherry on the cake of our app is definitely the recommended number, Thanks to which you will have the best chance of victory.

You can simply write down each number released and it will insert, the easier it will be to guess which point to the next round of the game.


You now have a new weapon to try your luck at the game, not a weapon that is based on the simple sense of luck, but of logical data that after many defeats, will help you find your winning evening.

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