Decorate with style your site of furniture by exploiting the potential

of this product, designed and developed

for furniture stores.

Management estimates

Thanks to S-Admin you can design your online shop window in a simple and elegant way, giving the visitor the opportunity to buy your products in case we have decided to include them in an offer, otherwise the visitor will be able to request, in a simple and fast way, one or more estimates of selected articles.


S-Admin is designed for show room of furniture, in fact

in addition to the brand and to the membership category, you can enter

size and material of which is the mobile compound.

Customer management

Another powerful feature of this application is the customer management, understood not only as a form of management, but (indeed) thanks to this opportunity (Offered by S-Admin), you can figure out how many people have registered to visit your showroom.
This way you can evaluate purchases or quotes and compare them with visits to realize how your marketing techniques are valid.


Another important feature of S-Admin is the sending of the newsletter, which will allow to periodically send your offers, or make known your products, inviting the user logged in again to visit your showroom.

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