Forget the classic pen and tacquino.

With Ristomanager, a software for restaurants, you can manage

all with a touch of your fingertips.

Manage rooms

Thanks to Ristomanager you get a powerful and flexible method to manage your business not matter that you have one or more pizzerias or kitchens (For example, internal and external) or dining corners. Assigning a product to a specific printer, the order will arrive in real time in required workplaces.

By using a graphic area, you can design your rooms intended to consummations of your products and move graphically the tables, also managing any reservations on your wish.


Ristomanager allows you to manage reservations in details, with date and time of arrival, as well as

the customer's name, and immediately identifying the reserved tables on tables map.

Fast cash

Thanks to its simple and immediate interface, designed for touch screen monitor or not, you can also manage the takeaway and inform in real time the various departments for the preparation of the dishes, with the possibility of even issuing the receipt of the relevant order, and memorizing the customer who placed the order.


All sales data will be conveniently consulted in the statistical module. Choosing a category you can display, in addition to the report, the color charts that will help you quickly understand the performance of your activities, by choosing the desired period.

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