Softshop is the instrument to manage your warehouse, thanks to this

you can even try to create your e-commerce.


It is the ideal software for those looking for a simple and complete tool that can satisfy all requirements related to billing and inventory management.

With Softshop you can emit and store invoices and delivery notes.


Thanks to Softshop you can handle various tasks:

upload your products in the database

and assign a product to one or more

categories; will be you to choose the

Measurement Unit and add new ones.


The statistics are important for the management of a company; With Softshop you can display all the details of the sales, the stocks of products in the warehouse or the returns made by customers.

All through very detailed reports, thanks to which you can learn about such purchases made by specific customers or products from specific categories.


Are you thinking to make your online stock? With Advanced Softshop you have solved the problem.

By purchasing this type of license, you will have the opportunity to create your own e-commerce to sell all over the world, by choosing the perfect graphic for your business, thanks to a wide range of topics easy to use.

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